Junk Science

by Skipped Junk Band

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Humans 05:00
Bipedal Omnivorous Got a hunger No stopping us From the treetops to the great plains From the great plains to the caves Living through the dark days of the ice age To the birth of the modern age From the fireside to the neon light From the fist fight to the firefight To the billboards and the high rise and the smart phones and the cheap flights We’re the apes with the finest minds And fingers and thumbs and feet We’re the latest in a long line Fine specimens of a fine breed We got the biggest brains, we got the biggest brains Top of the food chain babe Top of the world Cos it was there for the taking So we’re taking it all We’re so highly evolved We’re take take taking it all From the lambchop to the pork pie From the pork chop to the rib eye And a sausage roll and a burger in a bun now eating meat by the metric tonne (now) But we never wield the knife Too highly evolved to take life You know we’d never hurt a fly Goddammit we’re civilised It comes shrink wrapped, clean in a pack No blood no fur no fat No cry no pity no pain No backbone No brain CHORUS From the Nike to the Rolex From the Gucci to the goretex Cos you’re worth it, and you’ve earned it You’re a star now, you deserve it From the strip mine, to the strip mall From the sweat shop to the chain store Every new model, gotta own it And the landfill will never hold it, no It’s got a liquid crystal screen HD and crystal clear Pay it back on a twelve month plan Upgrade in about a year. The fittest The finest The strongest Survivors The reckless The mindless The blindest leading the blind
Well he works to find redemption, He gets to god by getting things done, He never takes a holiday, he thinks it’s irresponsible to waste his time on having fun. He’s going nowhere, but he’s getting there fast But he’s at the end of his tether, He’s tugging at the chain, He’s trying so hard, to keep it together that he’s gonna make a big mistake Yeah, he’s going nowhere, but he’s getting there fast Well he’s fooling himself, but he’s not fooling us And with a dose of compassion and a tablet of trust perhaps we can innoculate him to this lust, for nothing in the shape of everything... A woah ho ho. She’s looking for connection She wants to find something real. She’s got a thousand pairs of shoes, but she’s still got the blues and all she knows is that she feels like she’s going nowhere, but she’s getting there fast She’s gonna hit all of the targets, she’s been training for all her life, but they’ve lost all their meaning, so it’s kind of demeaning: that’s the sharp side of the knife She’s going nowhere, but she’s getting there fast. Well she’s fooling herself, but she’s not fooling us and with a slice of compassion and a teaspoon of trust perhaps we can convince her to discard this lust for nothing in the shape of everything.... A woah ho ho Well they’re mortgaged to the eyeballs They’re leveraged to the neck They’re running from the teeth of this monster they’ve created that they can’t seem to keep in check Yeah they’re going nowhere, but they’re getting there fast. Well we’re fooling ourselves, ‘cause these people are us! But with a world of compassion, and an ocean of trust, We might even convince ourselves to lose this ridiculous lust, for nothing in the shape of everything.... A woah ho ho
These days I’m getting flashes of a righteous rage Then as suddenly, it goes away The minute that I scroll down the page These days I’m a slack-jawed quivering mass Of videos and multiple tabs Skim-reading my facebook feed And I know the world is hurting And I’ve got a feeling that the medicine’s not working But I’m a fat lab rat in a box Found a way to make the pellets drop And I keep on pressing and I can’t stop. Cos we don’t need no teargas Cos boredom is a weapon, is a weapon And we don’t need no gulags Cos boredom is a weapon, is a weapon We don’t need no teargas Cos boredom is a weapon and they got me You guys go on without me. These days I got voodoo in my TV And in my mobile phone Not knowing gets easier With every new unknown And when I said I read the terms and conditions It was a bare-faced lie Each and every time. We outsource our labour to the sweat shops Outsource our thinking to the think tanks Outsource our questions to the Murdochs And I’m trying to find another way But it’s all so boring And a thousand memes are calling. These days We need a better villain More sinister, more reptilian Less measured and beige Because the tedium is rising And it’s covering the gravest sins In a fog of buzzwords and acronyms Private finance initiative, clinical commissioning, quantitative easing, something something competition and/or innovation something something freedom Libor, sub-prime, bail out, triple dip, deficit reduction, rescue packages Atos, Cerco, Halliburton, BP what if apathy’s a commodity? Move on! If the lie is big enough The people will believe it But if the words are long enough Then nobody will read it.
From the FTSE to the Nikei From the Congo to the USA We’re all different colours but the song’s the same We had a cold war And a few hot But we now know What we knew not: There can be no freedom baby If there’s no free trade So welcome to the end of history There ain’t no taming liberty People and markets wanna be free And there ain’t no turning back So woah-oh let the capital flow Keep it laissez faire let it go And where the market leads, let the people follow. Lay lay la lay lay Without the moves you got no chance Lay lay la lay lay You gotta do the market dance. So let me see you move (deregulate!) Let me see you slide (and privatise) Do the Reagan rock do the Pinochet roll Let me see you move (small government rules) Now step to the right (and another to the right) And when the people wonder why gotta let them know: What’s good for the City is good for the land A little austerity is good for the soul it’s fundamentally fair, fundamentally right it’s inevitable So oh oh let the capital flow Keep it laissez faire let it go And where the market leads, Let the people follow. Lay lay la lay lay Without the moves you got no chance Lay lay la lay lay You gotta do the market dance.


Skipped were a Southampton-based band that made music out of abandoned water butts, bollards, bean tins, and a rope-stringed cupboard-bass [also a guitar]. They played at art galleries, around camp fires, inside skips, at science fairs and conferences and a festival or two. In 2014, they split up due to irreconcilable geographical differences. This is their first and last EP.


released February 4, 2015

Maha Al Tai - percussion, backing vocals
Rich McIlroy - percussion, backing vocals
Matthew McNaught - guitar, percussion, lead vocals
Duncan Mortimer - cupboard bass, lead vocals
Nick Parton - percussion, backing vocals
Craig Rye - percussion, backing vocals
Rob Spanton - backing vocals

Tracks 1, 3 and 4 written by Matthew McNaught
Track 2 written by Duncan Mortimer
Produced by Skipped
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Nick Parton


all rights reserved



Skipped Southampton, UK

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